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SpineGuard produces variations of the PediGuard, which employs a unique technology in the industry for the safe, accurate and fast placement of pedicle screws for the spinal surgeon, but benefiting the patient most of all.  It offers real-time auditory and visual feedback to the surgeon drilling the screw's pathway.  The PediGuard helps to prevent breaches, making the the surgery safer.  Using the PediGuard can also help reduce fluoro exposure to the patient and staff, reduce O.R. time and, thus, save the related costs.  It is, in effect, a "smart" gearshift...a wireless bone monitor on its way to being the standard of care.  More information on SpineGuard and PediGuard is available at

SpineGuard's PediGuards offer these benefits: real-time auditory and visual feedback letting the physician be sure of proper and safe trajectory of the pilot hole for pedicle screw placement, cuts down on the number of X-ray pictures needed, thus reducing exposure to the patient and the O.R. staff, cuts down on incidence of misplaced screws and helps avoid neurological and other compromises, because PediGuards give the feedback they do and cut down on the need for X-rays, O.R. time is significantly reduced and all of the preceding, in concert, combine to decrease overall costs. PediGuards come in different diameter straight versions (2.5 mm, 3.2 and 4.0), a curved version and a M.I.S. (minimally invasive surgery)-specific version.

SpineGuard's new cannulated MIS system.