Bauerfind Testimonial

A testimonial from Tally Rodin, acrobatic dancer

"MalleoTrain S saved my career"

"The Malleo Train S was my life saver. Due to a severe ligament tear in my ankle during the summer, I thought my acrobatics dancing and professional stunt work career was over. I was introduced to the Malleo Train S as a way to keep up my training in hopes of performing my solo at the finals of a highly recognized International dance competition. I needed the proper ankle support to allow me to compete and to perform extreme stunt work in upcoming film and live shows. The Malleo Train S became my best friend. It provided both the ankle support that I needed to continue my extensive training program and it allowed my ankle to heal. The Malleo Train S perfectly fits me and works unlike any other products I had previously tried. I have now returned to my peak performance level and I have incredible respect for the Malleo Train S for saving my career"

A testimonial from Britton Johnsen, Professional Basketball Player

"This is the best brace I've ever worn"

For the past three years I've dealt with meniscal knee pain issues while playing professional basketball. I've tried several knee braces available on the market. When I was introduced to the GenuTrain I tried it on and like most knee braces I like the compression I feel against my knee making me feel confident it will be supported. I've been frustrated with all knee braces however when I'm playing because the compression and support doesn't remain the same when I start to sweat and move and bend my knee. What separated the GenuTrain from the rest is how it supported my knee during my practices and games. While in competition I have never worn a brace that feels like its part of my body. The fabric, on the brace feels light enough to compare to a nice new sock on my knee, but gives me great compression and support that made me forget I had any meniscus pain at all. This is the best brace I've ever worn. I would trust giving this brace to anyone who had knee issues!